Working Hunter Pony


The working hunter pony should be a show hunter pony that can jump. He may be slightly plainer than his show hunter counter-part and may also have a few battle scars as he has a more demanding role to perform.
A working hunter combination of pony and rider should be going forward in a well-balanced rhythmical canter, meeting each fence without breaking strides. Ponies should prick their ears and be seen to attack their fence.
Lead rein working hunter and cradle stakes classes are used to introduce the rider to the working hunter competition. The working hunter class is a performance class broken into two phases. In the first phase each fence is marked out of 10 and a way of going mark out of 20, awarded at the end of the jumping.
The second phase is broken into manners, performance, movement, conformation (all ten marks each) and type (five marks).
Rules for all classes can be found in the IPS Rule Book.