Show Hunter Pony


A show hunter pony must be a miniature hunter possessing quality, substance and conformation, which would enable him to perform his duties soundly in the hunting field. His gaits are workman-like to enable him to work in heavy going, especially in gallop.  His conformation should reflect his role (deep girth, short cannons with good strong bone sufficient to carry his frame as well as having good sound athletic limbs).
Presence is the pony’s personality and it is that extra something that catches the judges’ eye.  A proud pony that says “look at me” stands out from the crowd.  Also, a show hunter pony should have impeccable manners and temperament in the show ring.  A show hunter pony should have long even strides covering as much ground as possible.
A show hunter pony must have a very good, active walk.  Galloping is an essential part of a show hunter pony show.  A pony should lower his head and neck and lengthen his stride covering a lot of ground and return to collection easily.  A lead rein pony only walks and trots on both reins and first ridden ponies walk, trot and canter on both reins also.  A heavy or overweight pony should be avoided as they may be penalised.
Intermediate classes are for show hunter and working hunter types meant as a stepping stone into the adult classes for young riders and consequently require a small hunter and small working hunter respectively.  Intermediate animals must be capable of competing successfully in adult classes and not just be misfits that do not slot into any particular class.