What to Wear


Irish Pony Society Dress Code Recommendations

Show Pony Lead Rein & First Ridden Classes

In show pony lead rein and first ridden class the rider must wear a navy jacket of correct length (just touching the saddle) with the sleeve showing a small amount of cuff of the shirt.  Jodhpurs are usually canary coloured (or lighter for boys) and it is traditional to wear brown leather jodhpur boots with a navy jacket although black jodhpur boots are acceptable.

Brown leather gloves are preferable to pale coloured gloves.  Collars of shirts are best small and neat with a small knot in the tie.  Tie pins may be used to keep the tie in place.  Hair is best neat and tidy in a pony tail, if collar length or plaited and maybe turned up and looped if plaits are long.

The competitor’s correct number must be visible at all times.  Hair ribbons should be neat and tidy and not flowing or long.  Buttonholes should be worn on the competitor’s right lapel (if applicable) and should not be too large.  A riding hat of appropriate colour (navy or black) must be worn at all times.

Female leaders should be tidily dressed in smart, yet practical fashion.  Sensible shoes and hats which are not oversized (in order to reduce the risk of blowing away) are recommended.  Male leaders should wear a dark suit and bowler.

Lead Rein and First Ridden Show Hunter Pony and Mountain & Moorland

Tweeds should be worn for these classes.  There are a multitude of colours available to choose from and the colour should be chosen to compliment colour of the pony. Generally velvet collars and buttonholes are only correct with navy jackets, however, discreet velvet collars are acceptable to match the tweed (navy with blue, yellow and green tweeds or brown with brown toned tweeds).

Jodhpur boots are traditionally brown.  Hair ribbons should be in a discrete colour and again rider’s hair neat and tidy allowing competitor’s numbers to be seen at all times.  Buff or paler jodhpurs are acceptable in these classes.

Again, a riding hat of appropriate colour (navy or brown) must be worn at all times.

Leaders in LR classes may wish to co-ordinate themselves with similar tweed jackets, shirts and ties.  The overall look should reflect a “country” theme.  Male leaders should wear a flat cap which may match the tweed of the jacket.

Show Ponies & Intermediate Show Riding Type

Attire for these classes should be the same as the lead rein/first ridden classes except when progressing into Intermediate classes where top boots should be worn and are preferable to gaiters or half chaps.  Intermediate riders should have their hair in a bun.  Scrunchies may be worn but should again be discreet.

Show Hunter Ponies & Intermediate Show Hunters

The same as lead rein and first ridden jockeys except as female riders into their teenage years it is preferable to have their hair in a neat and tidy bun.  This always looks smart and professional.  15hh SHP and Intermediate riders should wear top boots with a strap which are preferred over dressage top boots.


Only watches and/or medical bracelets may be worn.  Earrings and body studs must never be worn.



It is always important to be polite to your fellow competitors whilst in the ring.  There must be no rushing into line or barging to get a higher place in line when being asked to line up.  Every competitor will be seen by the judge, however, you should endeavour not to cover a fellow competitor from the view of a judge or ride in small circles around the judge – to do so only blocks the judges view of both you and your fellow competitors and this is not encouraged.

Remember a polite smile and a word of encouragement to another competitor is all in the spirit of the competition.  Courteousness in the ring is paramount …. even if you don’t agree with the result.  Congratulate the winner as it may be you next week!  Always send your apology if you are not planning to enter into a championship and remember that second-placed ponies are often placed in a Championship …. after all, it is another class!