Pony Measuring

Please go to  Showjumping Ireland to view and book a pony measuring for the current year.

Under IPS Rules, ponies must have a valid measured before competing in ANY Ridden Class and before showing cards can be purchased. Specific Measuring Sessions for this purpose are organised by the SJI in each region to facilitate pony owners and are run under SJI Rules.

Ponies require an annual measurement prior to registration with the IPS until they are eight years old or over. Ponies over eight years being registered for the first time must have two consecutive height measurement in the same height category. Owners should ensure, when their pony is eight years old or over and has two consecutive measurements, that the passport is signed by two Veterinary Surgeons at the Centre, and this will be considered the final measurement. This permits the pony to be registered with the Irish Pony Society and for showing cards to be purchased.

See IPS Rule Book for further information relating to the Measuring of Ponies.

In order to buy a showing card for the current year all ponies must have a current year or final (life) measurement.

Ponies that have a recorded measurement carried out by a Foreign Measuring Centre must be re-measured at an official SJI Measuring Centre.

Permission is no longer needed from Council to measure your pony outside of your area.

Please note : All ponies presenting for measuring at SJI measuring venues must have their vaccinations up to date.  Those that do not will be required to have their vaccinations carried out by attending Vets on the day if they wish to be measured.  Following initial vaccination, a further one has to be done in one month, followed by another in six months and thereafter annually.