Best Practice Tips for Stewards


All stewards are requested to be present in the ring in sufficient time to ensure classes commence on time.  This includes checking that the correct rosettes and prizes are available in advance of the classes starting.  Issues should be notified to the show secretary and relevant judge immediately.
The safety of everyone attending an IPS event is paramount and stewards must assist judges in conducting all classes in line with the Society’s Health & Safety policy.
All stewards should be briefed thoroughly by the judge as to how each class is to be conducted.
No session should commence without this briefing having taken place.

  • This will include:
    How to deal with late arrivals for the class (see below).
    Where to commence trot-up and the length of trot-up required.
    Where ponies should line up and which direction to face.
    Where classes are marked, scores to be totalled as they go, rather than all at the end.
    How to clearly (and safely) invite competitors into the line-up for the individual shows and final judging of the class.
    What the judge’s requirements are in relation to presentation of rosettes and prize money.

Late arrivals may not be accepted into the class once the class has commenced.
Late arrivals may be admitted, before the class has been asked to trot and at the judge’s discretion and only under clear direction from the steward to ensure the safety of all is maintained.
Stewards should remember the significance of the position they hold and at all times act with courtesy and professionalism when representing the IPS.
Stewards should always be treated with courtesy by all competitors and attendees at all shows.  Any instances where this is not the case must be reported to the show secretary.
Stewards are not permitted to enter into discussion with any individual (including the judge) in relation to the judging of a class.
Stewards should encourage and thank every competitor in every class for attending.