Pony Registrations, Pony Lease & Stallion Permissions

Please note that pony registrations, pony leases and stallion permissions are now being processed.  Please send any of the above directly to the office and these will be processed as quickly as possible.

Pony Registrations
Please ensure that the passport has been transferred into the current owners name and that this corresponds with the owner on the pony registration form.

Pony Lease
Please do not send the passport with this application.  The pony must be registered on the IPS database in the name of the lesser and the lessee must be a member of the IPS.

Stallion Permission
The stallion must be registered with the IPS in order to obtain permission and the owner must be a member.  A letter should be emailed to the office (ips@horsesportireland.ie) requesting permission, along with details of registration number, examples of where the animal was recently shown, etc.


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