Dr Jack Murphy, Chairman Irish Horse Board Coop Society, will give a talk at the beginning of our AGM commencing at 7 p.m. on Thursday, 28th March in the Killashee House Hotel, Naas.  Dr Murphy will speak essentially about the Irish Sport Pony Studbook and the perceived contribution of the IPS – particularly pony breeders and producers – toward its development at this point in time.

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Please find below a flyer with information on the clinic “Through the Eyes of the Judge” which Anne Stanley is hosting in Castlehill Equestrian Centre next Wednesday evening, 27th March.  If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Anne Stanley on 086 3921095.
Through the Eyes of the Judge

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SPC Results

The Results from the qualifier at Gransha Equestrian Centre on 16th March 2019 are now available on the Sport Pony Challenge page.

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New Showing Cards 2019

This year there is a new format for showing cards, as the former design was becoming less user friendly and often harder to decipher because of the number of categories in which one pony may compete, especially in the mini section.

On applying for a showing card, you will be issued with a card similar to your Membership Card, giving the pony’s details: name, age, height and reg. number.  This should accompany the pony to all shows and should be available for inspection when requested.  You will also receive a single ‘cover’ sheet giving further details, by post or email, which will not be required at shows.  There will then be a separate sheet for each category in which the pony competes.   These must be downloaded from the IPS website and found in Members Area : Members Forms, file name Showing Card Category.  You can either print these and fill in the results by hand after each show, or save them to a document on your computer and fill in your results there, which will make it much clearer for whoever is in charge of checking your results at the end of the season when the entire document can be emailed or printed off and posted.  This format will allow less chance of mistakes occurring and will also be a computerised document of your pony’s results, should you sell the pony.

For those of you who do not use a computer, a copy of the cover sheet will be posted to you on request, but you will need to inform Siobhan of the categories in which the pony competes, or is likely to compete in before the end of the season.

You can download further sheets when required but please number these in the space given, so that if a card is returned with just one page, numbered 2 of 3, we will know that some pages are missing.

There is a separate sheet for all categories for which points are awarded, including Associate Horse classes, Young Handlers and Equitation, and Championships, so do please record results under the correct heading!


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**IMPORTANT** re Sport Pony Challenge Dates

Please note that the Sport Pony Challenge in Maryville is on 26th May and NOT 25th May, as printed in the flyer!

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IAWPCS Showing Clinic

The committee of the IAWPCS look forward to seeing you all at our Showing Clinic.  This is not just for ridden members but offers a wide range of helpful hints and tips to get you ahead of the game for the up coming season.

The clinic is open to all so please tell your friends, as it is not only a Welsh clinic.  Full details below, these can also be found on our Facebook page. 

Get ready for the Show Season with the IAWPCS

Very friendly, EVERYONE welcome (spectators and participants),

all levels & types

Get so much more at an IAWPCS Clinic

• 45 minute practical sessions in small groups – Covering Ridden & in Hand, e.g. Lead Rein, First Ridden, Young Handler, Adult Handler, Ridden, etc.

• Top tips on What Judges Look For from top Welsh producer and judge Wyn Morris

• FREE advice on feeding ponies and cobs from Baileys Horse Feeds

• Sessions covering Flatwork, giving a show, turnout,

in hand, presentation, and ringcraft

• Safety at Shows session, with special guests to encourage all spectators to join in with the fun.

• Lots of encouragement and information from IAWPCS Committee members

* You do not have to be a IAWPCS member to attend the clinic

* Spectators €15 Group Sessions: €25 lead rein & first ridden; €35 ridden.

All Clinic bookings and Memberships need to be paid though itsplainsailing. 

Don’t forget our membership draw, which will be made at the Clinic for a hamper of show products.  Anyone paying their 2019 membership before 23rd March will automatically be entered.


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Working Hunter Show ….

… will take place on Sunday 24th February in Anne Stanley’s yard.  Classes to include Starter Stakes, 133cm, 143cm, 153cm and 158cm.  Suitable for novice ponies and new combinations.  Strictly pre-entries.  For further information please contact 086 3821095.

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The Irish Pony Society would like to thank all who contributed to the updated Rules Book which will come into effect for the 2020 Season.  At the 2018 AGM, Peter Molloy (Vice Chair) stated that a complete re-examination of the 2018 Rule Book would take place.  A committee was formed and in early October began its work and met on a weekly basis until Christmas week. The directive was to listen to the needs of our members, put health and safety to the fore, aim to be a more inclusive and welcoming Society with accountability for all.

Every suggestion that was put forward by members for Rule Changes for the past six years were re-examined. Many conversations and phone calls took place with members and Judges to hear objective view points on the rule book, along with observations taken ringside during the season. The Rules committee put their suggested changes, additions and exclusions to Council after Christmas during four very thorough meetings. A new rule book has been agreed upon which has a positive outlook to the future of the Irish Pony Society.   The only rules that will come into effect immediately will be those agreed upon at the EGM in 2018 and safety rules which comply with our adopting the Horse Sport Ireland’s Code of Ethics and Good Practice and Health and Safety Governance.

As the format of the book is not compatible for printing in a word document the book will have to be completely re-typed.  We are hoping this will be completed over the next month.  The book will then be put on the website and will be printed in hard copy throughout the summer.

The 2017 Rule Book will apply for the 2019 Season with the following additions:

The following rules will apply in 2019 and be written into the 2020 Rule Book per the 2018 AGM

Page 55.  Rule 154.  Open Show/Starter Stakes Class.

For ponies, mares or geldings, 4 years old and over, not exceeding 133cm, suitable for and to be ridden by riders who have not attained their 12th birthday on 1st January of current year.

Page 58.  Rule 176.  Open Working Starter Stakes

For ponies, mares or geldings, 4 years old and over, not exceeding 133cm, suitable for and to be ridden by riders who have not attained their 12th birthday on 1st January of current year.  The same combination of pony and rider may not compete in any class under 123cm, at the same Show on the same day.

Page 59.  Rule 177 Novice Working Starter Stakes

For ponies, mares or geldings, 4 years old and over, not exceeding 133cm, that have not attained 50 points in Working Hunter Pony Classes, suitable for and to be ridden by riders who have not attained their 12th birthday on 1st January of current year.  The same combination of pony and rider may not compete in any class under 123cm, at the same Show on the same day.


Open to 1st and 2nd prize-winners in 158cms Intermediate Working Hunter, 158cms Intermediate Show Hunter, 158cms Intermediate Show Riding Type.

Rule 63. Page 41

Any Novice pony that is placed 1st at a major show (RDS, RIHS, HOYS, Balmoral, BSPS Championship Shows) will automatically be de-noviced.

Page 57 Rule 164 e) Should read: A pony that has not competed at EIP. 100cms level or higher.

BITS  Page 57 Rule 165.

In Novice Working Hunter Classes a Snaffle combined with a suitable noseband must be used, otherwise 15 penalties will be deducted from the score in Phase 1. Please see attached diagram for suitable bits.

Rule 62. A) Page 40 Points system will be retained from 2017 Rule Book

Points will be calculated from 1st March to 30th September and showing cards MUST be returned by the date printed on the showing card. The 2017 points system will remain in effect going forward.

Novice: 1st – 4 points. 2nd – 3 points. 3rd – 2 points. 4th – 1 points.

Open:    1st – 8 points. 2nd – 5 points. 3rd – 3 points. 4th – 2 points.

With higher points awarded at selected shows.

The following Rules will apply in the 2019 Season and written into the 2020 Rule Book and comply with Health and Safety Standards.

Rule 22. E) Protective pads will be allowed on the sole of the pony’s foot to act as a shock absorber and to prevent bruising on hard or uneven ground.  No bandages on pony’s legs or feet are permissible.

Rule 23. B) ………The I.P.S. strictly prohibits the unattended tying of ponies to trailers or lorries, regardless of the pony’s temperament.

Rule 61. D) Page 40.   In the event of a fall by a rider in any class the combination is eliminated and must leave the arena dismounted.  If a rider wishes to compete in any other class on the same day they must be checked and approved to ride by an onsite medic.

Rule 248. Page 80   No Cross Poles allowed in the Open Working Hunter Lead Rein Class.

Rule 252. Page 81   Practice Fences:

………  Safety Cups must be used for the back wings on all spreads.  A maximum of two persons over the age of 16 allowed in the warm-up with each competing rider.  A Groom Safe Zone with barriers erected between practice fences for grooms to remain until required to safely adjust fence heights.  Riders not permitted to wear hoodies in the warm-up arena.

Part Bred Section:  Part-Bred Register Explanation. 

For ponies registered in any recognised Breed Society Part-Bred register, e.g. The Welsh Part Bred-Register (WP-BR), The Arabs Horse Society Part-Bred Register (PBAR) or Dartmoor Pony Society Part Bred Register (DPSPBR).

Correction and Clarification of Rules for 2017 Book. This brings the Novice Ridden rules into line with the Novice Show Pony and Novice Show Hunter Riding Rule No. 116A and 140 in the same rule book.

Rule 108.  Page 47 will now read

Novice Ridden M & M classes are confined to ponies 4 years old or 5, 6 & 7 year-old ponies that have not gained 50 points in Connemara, M & M. Show Pony or Show Hunter Classes.

Rule 112.   Page 48 will now read

Novice Ridden Connemara classes are confined to ponies 4 years old or 5, 6, & 7 year-old ponies that have not gained 50 points in Ridden Connemara, M &M, Show Pony or Show Hunter Classes.

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Pony Measuring

Due to the Equine Flu scare, Leinster has postponed the measuring in Mullingar on 24th February.  The new date is Thursday 21st March in Mullingar Equestrian Centre between 5.30 and 6.30pm.

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