Health & Safety

Safety Statement of the Irish Pony Society

This Statement sets out the Safety Policy of the Irish Pony Society and specifies the means etc. provided to achieve this end.

It is the Society’s policy to manage the health and safety of all its members, volunteers, judges, course designers, employees, etc.¬† The Society will provide all the necessary resources including time, finance and effort in order to achieve this.

It is the Society’s policy to protect the health and safety of all of the above by providing a safe and healthy showing environment through meeting its duties under the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act of 2005 and all other legislation that may be relevant to its operations and undertakings.

It is the policy of the Society to design, provide and maintain in so far as is reasonably practicable:

  • A Society whose activities are safe and without risk to health.
  • A safe means of access and egress to all shows run by or affiliated to the Irish Pony Society.
  • Systems of work that are planned and organised to be safe and without risk to health.

The Society is also committed to:

  • Managing its activities to ensure the safety, health and welfare of its employees, volunteers, helpers, judges, etc.
  • Putting in place all necessary measures to ensure the safety and health of our members.
  • Ensuring all appropriate personal protective equipment and clothing is worn when partaking in the Society’s activities.
  • Providing information, training, instruction and supervision to all relevant personnel.
  • Prepare and provide plans and procedures to assist in the avoidance of serious or imminent danger.
  • Continuously review our Health & Safety policy provisions to ensure that¬†they are relevant and meet the needs of the Society.


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