2021 Judges & Course Builders

Last updated 24/05/2021

A list of names on the IPS Panel of Judges 2021 can be viewed HERE.

Additions/Corrections to the Panel can be found HERE.



N.B. All Judges on the I.P.S. Panel may judge B.S.P.S. qualifiers but ONLY those listed on the B.S.P.S. Panel may judge in Great Britain.

  1. Every judge on the panel is expected to judge at least three IPS/IPS affiliated shows each year.
  2. Judges should not judge in the same category at the same show in two consecutive years.
  3. The recommended mileage allowance for judges’ travel expenses is 47c per kilometer up to a maximum of €130.00 per car.
  4. If a Judge accepts a judging appointment and is then unable to attend, he/she MUST obtain a replacement judge from the I.P.S. Panel.

NOTE: For all Northern Ireland telephone numbers beginning with 028, please change to 048 when dialing from Southern Ireland

NOTE: Whilst it may not always be possible to engage a Course Builder from the published list, the I.P.S. recommends that a Show should make every effort to use a person on a recognised Panel.