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(last updated 2/8/17)


Please see below some updates on Safeguarding from Horse Sport Ireland:

Autumn Safeguarding Course Dates released:

  • Horse Sport Ireland have set Safeguarding 1, 2 and 3 course dates for Sept/Oct and Nov 2017. All courses are open to any employee, member and volunteer within the equestrian industry.
  • ALL courses run from 6.30pm to 9.30pm at the Horse Sport Ireland Offices in Naas at the dates listed below. The cost of the course is €20 per person.
  • Full course details available on our website at this link: http://www.horsesportireland.ie/governance/child-protection-courses/
  • Places can be booked by contacting Ciara Gorman in the Horse Sport Ireland Offices. T: 045 854 524 E: cgorman@horsesportireland.ie
Safeguarding 1 Safeguarding 2 Safeguarding 3
Thursday September 21st 2017

Thursday October 19th 2017

Thursday November 16th 2017

Monday November 6th 2017 Thursday September 28th 2017

Safeguarding 1 Refresher

  • Please bear in mind that Safeguarding 1 Courses have to be refreshed every 3 years. There is no need to attended the Face-to Face course, twice, the refresher can be completed online via the Horse Sport Ireland Safeguarding Refresher.
  • After completing the online test and when prompted to enter your Sport please select Horse Sport, When prompted for your NGB please select Horse Sport Ireland, county, club and name are personal to applicant so please complete as such.
  • The refresher course can be accessed at this link: https://able.ineqe.com/apps/sportireland/coaches/introduction.php

Garda Vetting

  • As and from 29th April 2016, Garda Vetting is a legal requirement. The onus is on each Affiliate to Horse Sport Ireland to identify persons and positions needing vetting and to ensure your organisation is compliant with the legislative requirements.


Note to Judges

When judging lead rein ponies, balancing straps must not be penalised, under any circumstances.

Clive Johnston, Chairman Judges Committee



Upcoming Safeguarding Courses: 

Safeguarding 1 – Basic Awareness

Date: Monday June 19th 2017

Time: 6.30pm

Venue: Horse Sport Ireland Offices, Naas

Cost: €20 per person

Bookings: Please confirm bookings through Ciara Gorman in the H.S.I Offices

T: 045 854 524

E: cgorman@horsesportireland.ie

Online Safeguarding 1 Refresher Course -  Sport Ireland

Sport Ireland now offers a Safeguarding 1 Refresher Online. The online version is accessible at this link:



Child Protection In Sport – Online Webinars

The CPSU run regular online webinars for topics relating to Child Protection in Sport. All webinars are viewable at the link below. Webinars can be reviewed from prior dates and some of the information within them is very beneficial. https://thecpsu.org.uk/training-events/cpsu-webinars/



*Safeguarding 1 Refresher Course*

Reminder to relevant volunteers etc. that you can renew your Safeguarding 1 Certificate online, if you have previously attended a face-to-face Course. Full details on HSI website at the below link:



IPS Judges Panel Booklet now available for viewing/printing in 2017 Judges & Course Builders.


will be held at 2pm on Saturday 25th February in

The Dunsilly Hotel, 20 Dunsilly Road, Antrim BT41 2JH

(Tel : 028 9446 2929)

Guest Speakers :

Ms Dawn Christie



Mr Matthew Kerrigan, BSC (Hons)/BEVA

Leading Equine Dentist

Places may be booked by contacting the office on 045 854513.

All IPS Panel Judges are welcome and it is compulsory for newly appointed Probationary Judges to attend.  As stated in the IPS Rule Book, rule number 243: IPS Panel Judges must attend a Judges Seminar at least once every three years.



will be held on Sunday 26th February at 10.30am in

Connell Hill Equestrian Centre, 48 Drumsough Road, Randalstown, Co Antrim   BT41 2NW

If you wish to apply to be assessed on this date, please complete the Application-Form-for-IPS-Judges-Assessment and return to the IPS  office asap, stating which categories you wished to be assessed in.


Safeguarding Courses (Formally Child Protection Training)

Horse Sport Ireland will be running Safeguarding Courses on the following dates between February and May 2017.  All courses are €20 per person and run from 6.30pm to 9.30pm at the Horse Sport Ireland Offices in Naas.  Course Application Forms can be obtained from Ciara Gorman in the HSI Offices:

Email: cgorman@horsesportireland.ie

Phone: 045 854 524

Safeguarding 1 Courses (Basic Awareness):

Monday March 13th 2017

Thursday April 6th 2017

Thursday May 25th 2017

Safeguarding 2 Courses (Children’s Officer Training):

Monday March 27th 2017

Safeguarding 3 Courses (Designated Liaison Person Training):

Thursday April 27th 2017

Garda Vetting:

Under the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act 2012 to 2016 it is now a legal requirement for those working/volunteering with children or vulnerable adults on a regular basis to have Garda Vetting.

Garda Vetting through Horse Sport Ireland is now conducted via the eVetting system. From 1st May 2016, all Garda Vetting applications will incur a €10 administrative charge which can be made payable via the Horse Sport Ireland website.

Reminder : Please take a copy of your vetting result and send to the office.

eVetting Process

With eVetting, it is important to note that there is still a paper element. This is at Step 1 in the 6 Step process.

  • At Step 1, the vetting subject must, via the Horse Sport Ireland website, pay their €10 charge. They will then receive an email from Horse Sport Ireland containing their Garda Vetting Invitation Form and Garda Vetting Identifier Form. Both these forms must be downloaded and manually completed. IDs must be checked by a relevant person prior to submission to H.S.I. and they must comply with the 100 point check.
  • When all forms and ID checks have been completed fully, the vetting subject must return both forms to H.S.I along with copies of relevant ID. Once these are received in the office, we will review the documents and if applicable proceed to Step 2 of the process and the remaining steps are completed online.
  • If the vetting subject successfully completes Step 1, at Step 2 one of the Horse Sport Ireland Liaison Person’s will issue to the vetting subject, via email, a personalised link to the eVetting Website Portal where they will log in with their unique ID, email address and DOB and complete the online application for Garda Vetting. The vetting subject has 30 days to activate the link or it will expire. If they have not accessed the link within 21 days of its issue, a reminder email will be sent.
  • Once the vetting subject begins the online application process at Step 2,  they must complete it in one sitting. The vetting subject will not be allowed to proceed from one section until it has been completed correctly and in full. Once the vetting subject successfully completes the entire process they submit it to Horse Sport Ireland for review.
  • Steps 3 through 6 are then completed by Horse Sport Ireland and the National Vetting Bureau.
  • Once Step 6 is completed, the applicant will receive communication from Horse Sport Ireland on the outcome of their vetting via post.

To begin your Garda Vetting Application process please visit the Horse Sport Ireland website at the below link and navigate to the Garda Vetting Payment page. Once your fee is authorized you will receive an automatic email with your Garda Vetting Forms as outlined above.


Please note that there is FAQ section on the Garda eVetting website for further explanation on this eVetting process.


Retrospective Vetting:

Section 21 of the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012 to 2016 places a legislative requirement on relevant organisation’s to conduct vetting in respect of employees who were in their employment prior to the 29th April 2016 (commencement date of the legislation), and who have not been previously subject of a vetting application.  In that regard, it has been directed by the Minister for Justice & Equality, that vetting must be sought in respect of this category of personnel by 31st December 2017. In simpler terms, any person who was in a role prior to the commencement of that Act, which would now require vetting under the Act must be vetted prior to 31st December 2017 under retrospective vetting ruling.

Transportability of Horse Sport Ireland Garda Vetting

When a person seeks vetting through Horse Sport Ireland and is subsequently accepted, the vetting letter they receive covers them for all Horse Sport Ireland Affiliate Bodies, EXCEPT the Irish Pony Club (IPC).

For example, if the vetting subject seeks vetting to volunteer/work as a coach with Riding for the Disabled Ireland (RDAI) and they also volunteer with Dressage Ireland (DI)as a coach, the acceptance letter they receive from Horse Sport Ireland will cover them for vetting with both, and so on for all Affiliates aside from the Irish Pony Club.

Horse Sport Ireland vetting does not cover any person for volunteering/working with the Irish Pony Club as they have their own Authorised Signatory/Liaison Person

Please also be aware, that there is no transportability with any other organisation. We cannot under any circumstances accept vetting from the GAA, IFA or any other body. All Affiliates outside of IPC can only accept Horse Sport Ireland vetting.

Northern Ireland Address on Garda Vetting Applications

All Northern Ireland addresses on vetting applications must include a Postal Code. Failure to include the Postal Code will result in the application form being returned unprocessed to the Authorised Signatory from the Garda Central Vetting Unit.

If you are unsure of a postcode from a Northern Ireland address please use the below links to assist you in finding the postcode:




Judges Claim Forms

Judges, please note that you will be required to complete a Judges Claim Form for mileage and expenses at shows that you judge at this season.  Therefore, please remember to take a note of your mileage on the way to the show.


Age Limit

After recent negotiations with our Insurance Company, we are pleased to inform you that the new upper age limit for all our IPS Judges is 80 years.


Record Books – Attendance Slips

If you do not have a record book (attendance slips), please contact the office and one will be forwarded to you immediately.