**Important notice regarding the Points System**

As you will be aware, I am no longer recording the points on a weekly basis as I cannot sit at my computer for the hours required to do this.  No one has offered to take over the position as Points Secretary so it was agreed at Council that the recording of points should be done by you, the competitor, with checks being made at intervals by myself with the able assistance of Mary Carter as the system will now be similar to that set up by the IAWPCS.  All of you will have received your new style showing cards and are hopefully recording your results, we are now asking you to record your points received in the column marked ‘leave blank’ on the right-hand side of each sheet.  We would ask you to email completed cards to us in stages.  Cards can be completed online without having to be printed.  Log onto www.irishponysociety.ie/members-area/members-forms/ to download showing cards.  If you have your cards completed up to date by July 1st, and email the relevant pages to me, nestafitzgerald1@eircom.net or marycarter@eircom.net so that we can check that the system is working correctly.  We will ask you to send them again (a continuation) by September 1st so we can keep up with the points as against results, which are sometimes incorrect due to rider wearing the wrong number or clerical errors.  The final card to be sent to us by 30th September.  The Main Points Awards Party will be held on Sunday 3rd of November so getting cards in by 30th of September is imperative.  Some shows only send us the name of owner, or in one instance only the number of class and ring number of the competitor with no further information!  With the onus on you to record your results correctly there will be fewer areas where mistakes can happen.  Please note that the points have reverted to the previous system as laid out below, with the exception that ‘points and a half ‘will be rounded up to the nearest number:
Points at all IPS Shows excluding Annual Shows, all Affiliated Agricultural Shows and those not included in either category such as Newbridge College Show or Wexford Equestrian Show.
Open Classes: 1st 8pts, 2nd 5pts, 3rd 3pts, 4th 2pts
Novice Classes: 1st 4pts, 2nd 3pts, 3rd 2pts, 4th 1pt
Points at all IPS Area Annual shows and at any other show specified by Council:
Open Classes: 1st 12pts, 2nd 8pts, 3rd 5pts, 4th 3pts
Novice Classes: 1st 6pts, 2nd 4pts, 3rd 3pts, 4th 2pts.
Points at the IPS Spring Spectacular and the IPS Championship Show (with the exception of some classes noted on the schedule:
Open Classes: 1st 16pts, 2nd 10pts, 3rd 6pts, 4th 4pts
Novice Classes: 1st 8pts, 2nd 6pts, 3rd 4pts, 4th 2pts.
Once a novice pony has acquired 50 points it becomes Open. It is also deemed ‘open’ if it is SJI grade A or B, or has competed in Eventing Ireland Pony** (EIP100) or is placed 1st at any major show (RDS, RIHS, HOYS, Balmoral or BSPS Championship Shows).
Please notify the IPS Secretary or myself as soon as your pony turns open. This pony may no longer compete in Novice classes except at the IPS Championship Show where it is eligible to compete in Novice classes provided it was still novice on 1.1.19.
We are asking you to record your own ponies points accurately and fairly, and we hope that you will all comply with this.
Wishing you all success
Nesta FitzGerald

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