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Updated 27/6/17)


The Final of the Sport Pony Challenge will take place on 12th July in Coilog Equestrian Centre.  An entry form and full list of qualified ponies is attached below. All riders must be members of the IPS before taking part in the final.  Passports will be checked for height measurements and breeding (for Connemara class). As there have been queries regarding bits - we can confirm that the Wilkie bit is not allowed in the dressage phase, a short whip is allowed to be carried. 

Close of entries is Monday 3rd of July with full payment. 


entry-form-sports-pony-challenge   final-in-coilog-ponies-qualified


Sport Pony Challenge -  Mullingar Equestrian Centre Qualifier – 14th May  2017

133cms Sport Pony Challenge Qualified
1st: Jane Hancock (Corries Jack In A Box) Tiggy Hancock, 2nd: Orla Roche (Baby Buttons) Taylor Peare, 3rd: Avril Hobson,  (Brimstone Bowman) Sarah Keane, 4th Janet Williamson (Oh Dakota Justice) Josh Williamson.

143cms Sport Pony Challenge Qualified
1st: Maria O’Grady (Doonkinane Splash) RoseMae O’Grady. 2nd: Sarah Hathaway, (Bonica), Charlotte Hathaway. (Already Qualified)

153 cms Sport Pony Challenge Qualifed         
1st: David Byrne (Fairyhouse Coco) Anna Byrne,  2nd: Jane Hancock (Coppenagh Spring Sparrow) Lucy Hancock, 3rd: Anne Stanley (Bob Marley) Shona Lynch (Already Qualified), 4th: Bernard Finneran (Chantilly Fine Edition) Emma Finneran.

158 cms Sport Pony Challenge Qualified
1st: Helen O’Neill (Monsieur Jacques), Alyssa O’Neill

Connemara Qualified
1st: Ciara Dennigan (Roscon Camille), 2nd: Avril Hobson (Lon Mac Liomhtha) Already Qualified, 3rd: Jenny Lindsay (Currabawn Mark), 4th: Nicola Dalton (Lookout Rebel Fenian).

 Sports Pony Challenge Report

The second of the Sports Pony Challenge Qualifiers took place on 14th May in a very sunny Mullingar Equestrian Centre.   Over half of the competitors had travelled down from a few days competing at The Balmoral Show with all the younger riders staying in a jovial holiday mood. The competition organised by the Working Hunter Committee of the Irish Pony Society, saw over 40 competitors take part in this three phase competition which included Dressage, Performance Hunter and Show Jumping.  The largest class of the day was the Connemara Class with 16 riders with Ciara Dennigan taking 1st place on Roscon Camile.   The competition in the 133cms class was very hot with Tiggy Hancock taking 1st place on her pony Corries Jack in the Box.  Only two 143 cms ponies completed the 3 phase competition with RoseMae O’Grady taking 1st place.  The 153 cms class had 9 competitors with Anna Byrne on Fairyhouse Coco taking 1st place.  The last class of the day was the 158cms class with only 1 rider qualifying in this section, Alyssa O’Neill on her horse Monsieur Jacques.    The next qualifier is on 3rd June at the IPS Limerick/Clare Area Show held at the Limerick Racecourse with all information to be found on


Dressage times for the qualifier in Mullingar on Sunday 14th May can be found here.

 Sports Pony Challenge Report

The first of the Sports Pony Challenge Qualifiers took place on 18th April in a very sunny Killossery Lodge.   A new competition, organised by the Working Hunter Committee of the Irish Pony Society, saw over 50 competitors take part in this three-phase competition which included Dressage, Performance Hunter and Show Jumping.  With over half of the riders being non-members of the Irish Pony Society, there is certainly a place for this competition in the IPS yearly calendar.  The performance track, built by Kieran Glynn, proved very technical and required careful jumping with quite a few eliminations across all the heights.   The largest class of the day was the Connemara Class with 19 riders, with Alicia Devlin Byrne taking both 1st and 2nd  with Blackwood Fernando and owned by Claire Devlin, along with Grey Smoke, owned by Michael Clarke.  The junior riders in the 133cms class had great fun in the speed round of the show jumping with Taylor Peare the eventual winner on her pony, Lady Dawn Windsor and Tiggy Hancock having the fastest round of the day on her pony, Goldengrove Maple which put her into 2nd place overall.  Jasper Kelly qualified 3rd on his pony, Kara’s Comet.  The 143cms class was the smallest class of the day with Jodie o Leary on Hello Gooch, the well-deserved winner with joint 2nd place awarded to Charlotte Hathaway on Bonica and James Ryan on Loughwell Bobby.  The 153cms class had 12 competitors with Anne Stanley’s, Bob Marley ridden by Shona Lynch taking 1st place, the 2nd qualifying place was awarded to Isabelle Nally on Margaret Nelson Nally’s, Benny Laith and Ciara Durham’s home-bred pony, Jim Delaney, ridden by Pippa Durham taking the 3rd qualifying place.  The last class of the day was the 158cms class with only 2 riders qualifying in this section, Rose Fahey’s, Lyleview On Time taking the 1st qualifying place with Good News Scotty, owned and ridden by Shauna Kidd taking the 2nd place overall.   With 4 more qualifiers to take place around the country, all information can be found on the Irish Pony Society website.

Killossery Lodge Qualifier – 18th April 2017

133cms Sport Pony Challenge Qualified
1st: Orla Roche, (Lady Dawn Windsor), Taylor Peare, 2nd: Jane Hancock, (Goldengrove Maple),       Tiggy Hancock, 3rd: Lucy Kelly, (Kara’s Comet), Jasper Kelly

143cms Sport Pony Challenge Qualified
1st: Wendy O’Leary, (Hello Gooch), Jodie O’Leary. Joint 2nd: Sarah Hathaway, (Bonica), Charlotte Hathaway. Joint 2nd: Mairéad Ryan, (Loughwell Bobby), James Ryan

153cms Sport Pony Challenge Qualifed
1st: Anne Stanley, (Bob Marley), Shona Lynch. 2nd: Margaret Nelson Nally, (Benny Liath), Isabelle Nally, 3rd: Ciara Durham, (Jim Delaney), Pippa Durham.

158cms Sport Pony Challenge Qualified
1st: Rose Fahey, (Lyleview On Time), Isabella Hughes. 2nd: Shauna Kidd, (Good News Scotty), Shauna Kidd,

Connemara Qualified
1st: Claire Devlin, (Blackwood Fernando), Alicia Devlin Byrne, 2nd: Michael Clarke, (Grey Smoke), Alicia Devlin Byrne. 3rd: Avril Hobson, (Lon Mac Liomhtha), Avril Hobson.


The Sport Pony Challenge is an exciting new national competition being hosted by the Hunter Pony Committee of the Irish Pony Society, with a prize fund of €2,500.  This testing three phase competition will highlight the versatility and production standards of our ponies and riders.  This is a unique new competition which will focus on all round excellence.

For further information, please see below Flyer, Rules & Guidelines, Schedule, Entry Form and Dressage Test.

dressage test

For further queries on any of the above, please contact the office on 045 854513.


Please click HERE to view the Tom Robinson Gold Cup Results from the IPS Championship Show which was held on Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th August.


Congratulations to the riders who have been selected to represent Ireland and the IPS at the Working Hunter International Pony Team Championships to be held in Grantham this week.

They compete in 3 disciplines, Dressage, Show Jumping and Working Hunter, with the opening ceremony taking place on Monday 24th, the Final Phase, Parade of Teams and International Presentation of Champions taking place on Wednesday 26th.

We have also been kindly supported by the following sponsors.  A big thank you to our main sponsor, Berneys Saddlery along with Mark Field, Troytown Grey Abbey Vets, Somerton Vets, Keshmore Construction, John Hughes - Cabletek Ireland, Susanna Cawley, Horseware.

IPS Hunter Pony Team 2015

Back row : Johnny Kyle (Chef d'Equipe), Jane Field, Kara Stanbridge, Ruby Hughes, Eabha Costello

Front row : Lydia Dawson, Rosemary Wentges, Tiggy Hancock, Shona Lynch, Susie Osborne, Rebecca Coonan, Dorothy Guilford (Chef d'Equipe)



Congratulation to the final 10 riders, 2 teams of 4 and 2 reserves, who have been announced by the IPS Working Hunter Committee and selectors to represent Ireland and the Irish Pony Society at the Working Hunter International Pony Team Championships which is to be held in Grantham, UK on 23rd to 27th of August.

Riders have been selected across all the heights to comprise a team of 4. They will compete in three disciplines, Dressage, Show jumping and Working Hunter over the 3 days beginning on Sunday 23rd of August with a reception at Belvoir Castle. There will be a course walk for all the teams on Monday of the Burghley Horse Trials, with the opening ceremony and parade of International Teams to be held on Tuesday before commencement of the competitions that day.   The best three scores from each team will count in each discipline with the final parade of teams and presentation of Champion International team taking place on Wednesday evening.

Selected riders in the 133cms section                                    

Ruby Hughes with her 13 year old welsh mare, Tywford Elle. Tiggy Hancock with her aged Gelding Dun For Now. Jane Field with her 11 year old Connemara Cross Gelding Dunmaster.

Selected riders in the 143 cms section

Rebecca Coonan with her 14 year old dun mare Ruaile Buaile Bailey. Eabha Costello with her 12 year old Connemara Gelding Ashfield Troubador and Kara Stanbridge with her 12 year old connemara gelding Lake Valley.

Selected riders in the 153 cms section

Lydia Dawson with her 10 year old Connemara Gelding Gloster Boy, Shona Lynch with the 17 year old Connemara Bob Marley and Susie Osborne with the 13 year old Connemara, Cruising cross, mare, Rathbawn Sushi.

Rosemary Wentges is the only rider selected in the 158cms height class with her 12 year old Welsh Section D Cross Gelding Machnos Secret.





Owing to changed circumstances, the final 10 ponies for the Grantham Teams (2 teams of 4 plus 2 reserves) will be named after Rathbawn Show on Sunday 19th July.



Please click HERE for Dressage Times for training in Punchestown 7th July.

All riders will jump after their dressage test is ridden.  Any queries with regard to the training to Dorothy on 087 2486959.


Dressage Ireland Eastern Region

Boswell -  Saturday 4th July

Pony Club Intermediate Horse Trial Championship Dressage Test 2013 (20m x 60m arena)

Entries to Gillian Kyle on 086 22581038 or at


Congratulations to the 16 riders who have been selected for the next stage of training for team selection.

The next three training sessions are as follows:

Tuesday 23rd June   -   Punchestown

Tuesday 7th July      -   Punchestown

Tuesday 21st July     -  Punchestown

All riders must attend at 6 pm.

All 153 cms and 158 cms ponies will JUMP  at 6pm  and continue on to FLAT at 7pm.

All 133cms and 143cms ponies will ride on the FLAT at 6pm and continue on to JUMP at 7pm.

Selectors will attend the following two shows,   Wicklow Area Show on 11th of July and Rathbawn Show on 19th of July.  We would encourage all 16 potential team members to attend these shows.

If you have any questions regarding the above please call Yvonne on 087 2070217 or Dorothy on 087 2486959.



Please click HERE for your full details of Training to be held on 5th June in Abbottstown.


Please click HERE for full details of Training to be held on 22nd May.
REMINDER you will be jumping on grass - bring studs!

Hunter Pony Committee - International Working Hunter Pony Teams Information: 

The first block of training will take place on :

Friday 8th May - Abbotstown Equestrian Training Centre.

Friday 22nd May - Coilog, Equestrian Centre.

Friday 5th June - Abbotstown Equestrian Training Centre.

While we would like candidates to attend all 3  training sessions, all candidates will be required to attend  2 of the above training sessions to be considered for further training and ultimately selection for a team.  This is to allow for riders who may have Junior or Leaving Cert Examinations during this time.

Training on the 8th will take place in the National Sports Complex in Abbotstown, Dublin.

The riders have been arranged into 3 groups.  A, B & C according to pony heights.  In the flatwork sessions there will be 4/5 in a group.  Please find attached a list of  groups and training times.

Please arrive 1/2 before your session start time to be tacked up and ready on the hour.

It is strongly recommended that all candidates attend the Working Hunter Show on 16th of May in Coilog Equestrian Centre and enter in the open working hunter class and dressage competition  of their height section.

Conditions under which all riders attend training sessions:

Team : All riders must work as a team with a group effort toward the same goal.

Commitment : Full commitment to training schedules.

Manners : Courteous and respectful at all times.

Code of Conduct : As per IPS Rules.

Dress Codes : Neat and tidy at all times and as instructed by Coaches.  No Hoodies allowed and back protectors must be worn by all under 16 yr olds while Jumping.

There is no Catering on Site at Abbotstown.

8th May Training

Please call Yvonne on 087 2070217 if you have any queries regarding the above.


Agenda for Irish Pony Society International Pony Team Championship Trial

Wednesday, 8th April 2015

Start Time 10.00 am

1.    Dressage Hawthorn Arena - Novice Eventing Test 2013
Please present to Dressage arena promptly to start test at allocated time.

2.   Working Hunter - Not more than 8 fences including double

3.   Show jumping - Not more than 8 fences including double plus 5 fences against the clock.

Full schedule of training dates will be posted in the entries office on the 8th.

Full list of Judges and Selectors will be listed on the 8th.

Attached:  Map of Coilog with highlighted arenas.

Attached:  List of Dressage Times


Dressage times can be downloaded HERE


Coilog Map 001


Thank you to everyone who attended the open meeting in Killashee House Hotel on Sunday 8th of February.  There was a great turn out.

The Working Hunter Committee has arranged a Trial Date for 8th April in Coilog Equestrian Centre.

All candidates must register their interest in attending this trial to Yvonne at our e-mail address

At the trial all riders will be expected to complete a dressage test and jump a course of at least 14 fences.

The dressage test will be NOVICE EVENTING TEST 2013

This can be VIEWED on the Irish Pony Club Website (combined training section) Eventing Junior Test.  Please note Irish Pony Club has a copyright on all their tests.

The closing date for acceptance of entries is 1st of April. Dressage Times will be posted to the European Website page by Tuesday 7th April, starting at 10am.

We would like to encourage all applicants to attend the IPS/Dengie Spring Spectacular which will be held in the Wexford Equestrian Centre on Friday 3rd April.


We have been informed by Boswell Equestrian Centre that they will be holding combined training competitions throughout Feb and March and will add this dressage Test to their calendar of events.  See their website for details.

Dressage Ireland are adding the test to their schedule (Class 21) for competitions which they are holding  on Saturday 7th March and Sat 28th March at Boswell Equestrian Centre.  Contact Katriona Hall at their website for further information.

All applicants MUST be current members of the Irish Pony Society before the Trial.  Non-members cannot attend as they will not be insured to ride.

Please bring your membership card to the Trial. 

For those who have not already done so, please complete and e-mail the form below to
Form for candidates - Europeans